Cancellation Policy

The SAEOPP Center maintains a Cancellation Policy for the different types of workshops:

Department of Education Workshops/Trainings (With No Registration Fee)
If you are unable to attend a TRIO Training/Priority Workshops, please notify the SAEOPP Center as soon as possible.  We maintain a waiting list for these workshops, and if you fail to notify us, someone else will be missing out on the the opportunity to attend.  The Department of Education asks us to report to them the name of anyone who registers for training and does not show up or fails to cancel with the SAEOPP Center ahead of time.

SAEOPP (Paid) Workshops/Trainings
SAEOPP has an official Cancellation Policy that the Board of Directors approved in 2013.  This policy, which is posted on the SAEOPP website, is revisited every few years.  All SAEOPP paid workshops/trainings follow this policy if a refund is requested.